LivingWaters® Whole-Home Salt-Free Scale Prevention System

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Effective scale prevention solution for hard water problems in the home when salt-based brine softeners are not desired or in locations where traditional water softeners are prohibited.

Tank size options (tank diameter):  8", 9", 10", 12" and 13"

Technical Info:

Filtersorb SP3 media will first remove the already existing scale from pipes and heat exchanger surfaces (descaling effect) and further protect the system from future formation of scaling.  The media transforms the dissolved calcium carbonate into non-charged, neutral chemical bonds so small (nanometers) that they can only be seen with a microscope.  Average media life is 5 years before replacement.

System Includes:

FilterSorb SP3 Media; Enpress Mineral Tank (choose from 5 sizes); Vortech bottom distribution plate; C-series in/out head with bypass valve; 10" full-flow carbon pre-filter (8"-10" tanks) or 20" full-flow carbon pre-filter (12"-13" tanks)

*Important Shipping Information

This product is shipped ground freight.  Please do not select a shipment method online; instead contact us directly after purchasing this system and we will process your shipping charges and arrange a convenient delivery. 

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