LivingWaters® Premium 8-stage Purification System with Hydrogen Infusion

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The LivingWaters® Premium 8-Stage Purification System removes the dangerous toxins you don't want, keeps the healthy alkaline minerals you do, and infuses your water with molecular hydrogen for exceptional health benefits.

Our Alkalizer™ technology is far superior to reverse-osmosis systems because it incorporates CoolBlue® Technology to meet the NSF P-231 standards as a microbiological purifier while retaining the essential minerals your body needs to keep tissues and cells at an alkaline pH, thus improving your overall health and vitality.
LivingWaters® Premium Purification System offers:

- Infusion of up to 1ppm of molecular hydrogen

- P231 certified removal of pathogens (bacteria, viruses, and cysts)

- Removal of volatile organic compounds (VOCs) that give water bad tastes or odors

- Removal of disinfectant chemicals including chlorine and chloramine and toxic by-products including trihalomethane and haloacetic acid

- Removal of pesticides, herbicides, micro-plastics and pharmaceutical residues

- Removal of toxic PFAS (dangerous "forever" chemicals used in fire-fighting foam, waterproofing materials, non-stick coatings, etc.)

- Extended protection against toxic heavy metals including arsenic III & arsenic V, mercury, lead, uranium, chromium and selenium

- Extended reduction of fluoride

    System includes:
    1 - Fluoride & Arsenic Reduction Cartridge [Standard];
    1 - Argonide DEAL Filter;
    1 - Argonide Nano-Ceram® SuperFilter;
    1 - Chemical Removal Cartridge [12" Inline];
    1 - Hydrogen Infusion Cartridge [10" Inline];
    1 - Installation Kit with plumbing adapter, tubing, housing wrench and extra "O" ring;
    1 - Euro-style top-mount faucet for easy installation. Your choice of finish in either Chrome, Brushed Nickel, or Antique Brass.

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