LivingWaters® Whole-Home Chemical Removal System

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Superior chemical removal for chlorine, chloramine, THMs, PFAS & PFOS, pharmaceutical residues, pesticides, herbicides, and other toxic disinfectant byproducts.

Technical Info:

This backwashing Chemical Removal System is rated for at least 9gpm and uses catalytic activated carbon combined with KDF®55 to effectively reduce difficult-to-remove water-born chemicals that are hazardous to health not only when consumed, but also when absorbed through the skin when bathing or showering. Catalytic carbon works effectively to remove chloramines where standard carbons fail. This system is designed for an average size family with a 2-3 bath home. Average media life is 5 years before replacement.

System Includes:

16 x 65 Black Empress Tank with Vortech Distributor; Clack WS-1 Timeclock Valve with Bypass and 1” Plastic Tailpieces; Media is 4 CF Catalytic Activated Carbon, 10# KDF55, and funnel.

 *Important Shipping Information

This product is shipped ground freight.  Please do not select a shipment method online; instead contact us directly after purchasing this system and we will process your shipping charges and arrange a convenient delivery. 

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